Modern tools for easy management of SAP Business One

Simplify operation in cloud and increase your sales. Bring your SAP Business One partnerships to a whole new level.

Modern tools for easy management of SAP Business OneUpdate planRevenueZAIP Remote Connector

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Introducing the future of your SAP Business One management

Our team of industry veterans and IT specialists know exactly what SAP Business One Partners need to simplify day-to-day tasks, save time & resources and speed up service deployment with automation & self-service. And because those features were nowhere to be found, we decided to create them.

If we cannot find a way, we will make one.
~ Hannibal

Everything under control

Everything under control

Dashboard is the main communication interface for partner and customer. It provides to partner an overview of all relevant indicators such as running tasks, recent new customers, progress of amount of customers and subscriptions in time etc. Data can be seen cumulatively and individually per service. Similar information is also available to the customer.

Subscription management

A clearly defined business model over the entire SAP Business One Cloud environment. Each customer has a defined contract, services and conditions of their provision. We support the SaaS model (a full service including management of rental licenses of SAP Business One) or the cloud platform with its own customers licenses.

Subscription management
White-label customer portal

White-label customer portal

A feeling of personal approach to the customer and at the same time maximum efficiency and flawless operation of the service. With you will create a modern customer portal with its own URL and appearance within minutes. Customers will love a clear dashboard with summary information of their services.

SAP B1 Trial management

Trial access for potential customers are often the beginning of long-term successful cooperation. Thanks to the integration with CRM of form, approval process and trial license management is that area fully automated and under control.

SAP B1 Trial management
ZAIP Remote Connector

ZAIP Remote Connector

Introducing our end user application which is designed to further facilitate the on-boarding process of the Customer and simplify access to SAP Business One Cloud. ZAIP Remote Connector app gives users the ability to conveniently close running sessions and log off from SAP Business One, reset password, configure remote access to SAP Business One, and more.

Other useful features

Customer Self-Service

Self-service is one of the dominant features of Nowadays, it is highly desirable for customers to have their requests resolved as quickly as possible. This feature not only gives you a competitive advantage but also allows your employees to do more important things like resetting passwords, managing user licenses, or creating a service reports.

License management

Transparent management of SAP Business One licenses to both partners and customers. With this feature also cloud customer can safely self-manage their licenses as with on-premise solution. No more tickets to the cloud providers helpdesk.


Provisioning process includes everything from setting up a subscription for customer, through the creation of all necessary components in SAP Business One, e.g. tenant, to users. We think of everything from authorization of request, through resource management, unique user names, proper system settings, to records for clear summary.


Full synchronization of configuration between SAP Business One Cloud environment and allows you to have a detailed overview of all changes and avoid misunderstandings eg. used licenses, hidden users and so on.

Resource management makes sure that the defined maximum number of users is not exceeded and that the cloud is not undersized. At the same time, this feature allows better capacity planning and appropriate placement of tenants in SAP Business One Cloud environment.

Security & auditing

Security is an important factor of every cloud service. will fundamentally help to partners and customers in security process. Each access to the system is verified through mandatory two-factor authentication, then all operations are recorded and audited. is operated by ZUTOM, holder of the certificate SAP Certified in Cloud and Infrastructure Operation and ISO 27001:2013.

Support center

All the essential information in one place. Text manuals and videos will help you navigate easily in the portal as well as in the whole SAP Business One Cloud. Provider has the ability to define custom content.

Multipartner support for hosting providers

Are you providing SAP Business One Cloud for more partners at once? is available in Multipartner / hoster edition for hosting service providers, that enables multiple SAP Business One partners to be managed simultaneously. We support partners with dedicated SAP Business One Cloud system and with a shared system (as a reseller).

Multilingual support currently supports English as default language, however all important system parts are translatable (e.g. Email templates, which can be customized by partner and own text can be provided in language of choice).

Customizable email notifications

Specific people are always informed about successful operations by e-mail. These notifications are sent by default. If your company communication require something specific, it's easy to define your own wording.

Tasks - running & history

All operations performed by are clearly displayed. Separately you can watch those that are in progress and all that have been completed in the chronological list. Easy to find what has ever happened.

Bring your SAP Business One partnerships to a whole new level.