December 17, 2019

How to reduce customer support costs?

A satisfied customer and employee are among the most important business goals of today. With the customer portal that is part of, you can kill two birds with one stone. Your SAP Business One Cloud business may be extended to must-have feature of today within hours.

Customer portal | | SAP Business One Cloud platform

Customers love self-service

Solving the customer's service request in the form of self-service becomes a matter of course and the first choice. According to publicly available information, up to 88% of consumers expect organizations to have an online self-service portal. According to other surveys, the self-service is a clear winner, whether it is searching for information through the FAQ, submitting a request for support or a change of service.


Customer portal | | SAP Business One Cloud platform

Fewer requests to your support department

Subsequently, if the customer does not find an opportunity to solve their problem or request through the online self-service portal, he / she will contact the support department of the provider. Addressing a ticket has a major impact on support costs and can also have an enormous impact on customer experience. This already largely depends on the capabilities of the customer support department.

Customer self-service | | SAP Business One Cloud platform

We'll solve most routine operations

Thanks to the customer portal you will not only manage user management to the customer. Operations such as creating a new user or editing an existing one are performed immediately, accurately and without any intervention by the support staff. Also an important operation is adding or removing tenant, respectively. access to FAQ / knowledge base all in one place.

Customer self-service | | SAP Business One Cloud platform

Getting started is easy

If you have already upgraded your own partner hosted installation of SAP Business One Cloud to or are using the full hosting, you are just a few steps from launching the customer portal. Go to the Customer Portal Setting in settings menu and activate the portal in a few steps. If you are not already using, please book 1 hour and contact us to watch the demo.

Customer portal | | SAP Business One Cloud platform



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