June 16, 2020

How to increase effectivity when dealing with similar customers?

As SAP Business One Partner, your goal is to grow business by on-boarding more customers and you want your clients to have a great experience. Quick deployment, fast service – these are the attributes echoing satisfied client. In return, it makes Partner happy too (who wouldn’t love it when Deals get executed easier & signed faster?). In search for this Win-Win scenario, let us explore what can be done to help by increasing effectiveness and reducing admin work.

ZAIP.one: How to increase effectivity

Tackling alike customers 

Selling to more customers within the same industry is a usual step: if you already landed one deal successfully, you might have a better chance to win more business from the same customer category.

Some SAP Business One Partners even specialize on certain industries, such as Automotive or Maritime. It makes sense after all, because such Partners already have the know-how and infrastructure in place, including custom add-ons. 


Working smart:                                                                    Less tasks for Partner, quicker service for Customer

Automation is key, so look around for some handy tools and work smart, not hard! You are already busy with nurturing the leads and closing the deal. Automation is the best way when it comes to smoothing the on-boarding journey of your customer.

Not only will automation save your time which means the new customer will also get their service faster, but automating also means fewer hick ups, due to eliminating human errors.

One of those useful but not so known automation features is Import SAP tenant, available in ZAIP.one Portal.

As a partner you will really appreciate its potential when you win a deal with a second, third or just another customer from the same industry.

Forget those complicated and tedious expert tasks which need to be performed in order to be setup every new customer back in on-premise.

Now with few clicks, the predefined Database will copy into your reseller repository in the cloud. This way 80% of your work is done instantly, all you need to do is create customer via portal, use feature Import SAP tenant, define Name of the new tenant and choose version of SAP Business One. It works for both HANA or SQL.

That’s it! You will by-pass all lengthy initial settings and significantly speed up the whole implementation.

Import SAP B1 tenant


Getting started is easy

If you already upgraded your installation of SAP Business One to ZAIP.one Cloud or are using the full ZAIP.one hosting, simply log in and look for this feature in the portal Menu. If you are not yet using ZAIP.one, please book the live demo here so we can show you this and other awesome tricks.




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