November 27, 2019

New Support center - The place to start getting information quickly

You know it. If you need to get some information, you want it now and as accurately as possible. No tedious search, but the right information in just a few clicks. So we’ve improved our support center to find everything that matters.

Support center | | SAP Business One Cloud platform

Categories and full-text search

The center is dominated by clear categories, which are classified by offerings. In addition to direct selection of the category and subsequent selection of the article can be used search. The full text search results in a list of all the places where the string is located. Not only results in the support center, but also in other parts such as subscriptions and so on.

Support center | | SAP Business One Cloud platform

Tags and video tutorials

In addition to searching, you can also use tags to reduce results to relevant ones. The main output of the Support Center is an article or video. Video tutorials will guide you through all the essential parts of Explain important terms where to find what or how to set up an email template or customer portal. You won't get lost again in the articles - structured information with different fonts for the examples is a way to solve the problem.  Provide expert information that is useful to existing and new SAP Business One Cloud administrators.

Support center | | SAP Business One Cloud platform

Ability to manage your own content

Serving a customer in one place is a current trend. Different cloud service providers may have different operating procedures. One of our major innovations is the ability to add and manage your own support center content. Even according to the version, it is possible to integrate own offerings (services) and related support information.

How to start?

New Support Center - The place to start getting information quickly. You can easily start on the top bar. And remember - you can always give us feedback or a request for improvement directly through the portal or via the Features page.


Support center | | SAP Business One Cloud platform


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