September 15, 2020

UX Designers joined our team!

In the last couple of months, our team has been rapidly growing. Among new systematic support on other fronts, we also grew our base by adding UX designer team. As we strive to improve, this has been super exciting news for us. The year of 2020 (as challenging as it is) has proved to us that there is now even more need for Automation and better User Experience. 



What's cooking in our kitchen?

The decision has been made back in Spring, and our new UX team has been in full swing since then. The main task is to get closer to our existing customers and improve the usability of our platform to appeal even to broader audiences. As this year slowly comes to its end, it is now a good time to look back.

Having said that, we are really pleased with the results so far.  At the beginning, we honestly thought it could be just a small one-time project, but those UX guys have blended into our mosaic perfectly, becoming a long term and stable part of our team.

Sometimes it can be hours spent discussing about placement of a single Button, but all these small things add-up for a great result. In the end, you will like even more - and that makes all these efforts worth it. 

Let us share a few behind the scenes, documenting new features being born:




Among the countless improvements, we have re-designed our Login Page, adjusted color scheme, introduced better overview above Running processes, implemented Welcome screen with wizards, designed handy Toolbars, came up with Progress bars and many other nifty things.



All these features perfectly underline the maturity of our SAP Business One Cloud platform for Sales and Operation.


With the UX guys we are expanding our Slovak-German team that is currently forming We really look forward to our future in-common!



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