Trial management is at hand just when you need it

The Trial Management gives you:

  • Instant trial access for SAP Business One demo
  • No need for IT infrastructure or IT specialists
  • Request directly from your CRM or form*
  • Optional approval management
  • Comprehensive overview of created trials including history on dashboard

*we currently support integration through Zapier, i. any system integrated into Zapier that has the prerequisites for triggering the initialization process (a suitable trigger) can be integrated - we will be happy to provide you with a consultation on how to connect your current system

Apart from everything, customers want to try it

What is the best way to use Trial Management for your benefit?

  • Place a form on your website - just asking for free trial increases conversions on the web
  • Make an initial sales call before making the trial available, making your prospect easier to try
  • Be sure to identify the lead's main needs and navigate it as you use the trial account is not just about trials

Do you like the idea of easy management of SAP Business One users? Similar benefits can be enjoyed by production users, here you can see more about the features or just ask for an online demo.

Why use

Bring your SAP Business One activities to a whole new level. Experience the benefits it brings your team and your clients.

Minimal tech skill requirements

Stop wasting time of your SAP gurus for trivial tasks like account creation. Everything can be done easily by non techies.

Better customer experience

The feeling of control over theservice and the ability to make changes at any time is a matter of course for the customers today.

Huge savings of time

Things you needed to spend 30 or more minutes before can be done with few clicks inside of

Reduce human errors

Sometimes, even with a small error, there are many problems. Keep things under control. is not wrong!

Savings on hidden costs

Operation of cloud services also requires a lot of related work, such as various records that will do for you.

New Revenues Streams

Cloud opens the door to many business opportunities. With you can grasp them as best you can.


What do our customers say?

Simeon Kartselyanski

IT Director SAP, Eltrade Ltd.

From the very first conversation we had with ZUTOM, I was assured that they were fully committed to completing each task with perfection. This can be easily seen from the excellent ratings and feedback we receive from our customers! Keep up the good work and all the best!

Vangelis Kanellopoulos

Managing Director, Alexander Moore

Cloud is great for flexible deployment of our products globally. ZUTOM is always ready to help solve any problem in the implementation, especially with the transition from on-premise.

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