Hybrid Operations Platform for  SAP Business One

The new generation of SAP Business One operations management. Fast, accurate and without holidays!

SAP B1 - Controls
3 minutes
time for initial partner setup to start creating SAP Trials for prospects
automated functions for SAP Business One daily operation
12 years
of SAP Business One Cloud experience
1 st
certified SAP Business One Cloud provider

What is ZAIP.one

Would you like to simplify operation in cloud or increase sales?
Whether it's SaaS, PaaS or IaaS, we have solutions for your problems!


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Everything you need to run SAP Business One Cloud business, covered in one simple designated place.

SAP S/4HANA in IBM Cloud on PowerVS

Our goal is to shorten customer’s journey towards S/4HANA environment to 1 hour & bring the whole process to level of non-expert user.

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Master components

Explore our main tools, modules and applications.

ZAIP.one portal

Our flagship and the future of your SAP Business One operation and sales in cloud. Empower yourself with business acceleration features and tools to automate everyday operation, crafted for SAP Business One Partners and their customers and end users.

SAP B1 Trial management

Create SAP Business One Trials for your prospects in just a few clicks. Fast, automated and with no infrastructure needed. We support array of customization to tailor to your own needs, along with Integration options if you want to embed directly to your own website.

ZAIP Remote Connector

Explore our end user app and be amazed by its innovative features. Routine tasks that used to take hours of your customer's day can now be completed in 3 clicks. Instant SAP Business One session reset or close connection, immediate password reset, automatic notifications to never forget the password change window mandated by SAP, simplified launching of SAP Business One in cloud & other cool features.

SAP Business One Cloud calculator

Calculating hosting costs & cloud service fees for SAP Business One Partners has never been easier. Our interactive tool comes with smart features for sharing and will provide instant, clear and detailed summary of cloud fees for both Partners & prospects.

We have experience with providing SAP Business One Cloud since its beginning. Since 2012 we have been repeatedly audited and certified as SAP Certified in Cloud and Infrastructure Operations. We also have certifications ISO 27001:2013 and ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011.

SAP Certified