SAP Hosting Provider

SAP Hosting Provider

Are you SAP Provider running cloud services for multiple SAP Business One Partners or Customers?

We are ready to partner up to help you streamline your operation and squeeze out maximum from your existing infrastructure.

Our solution will enable you to

  • Manage several SAP Business One Partners and Customers consequently
  • Introduce automation & self-service simplify your current environment and extend its features, thus make more money
  • Deploy faster - setup new partner in a few clicks, establishment of a reseller for Trial and Prod within minutes
  • Allow customization - your partners will be able to setup their own environment, templates, etc.
  • Bring precise reporting and simplified billing
  • Pass support on to the Partners through the portal
  • Dramatically save time with updates
  • Better inter-connect your business
  • Increase security
  • Be less dependent on SAP IT specialists
  • Increase competitiveness compared to other cloud hosting providers

Notable features

  • Using our system will enable you to extend your business as Provider
  • Each Partner can get their own white-labeled Portal for their customers
  • System partially manageable directly by the Partners / Customers
  • Provider admin access
  • Implementation and connection with your existing Provider environment is undemanding
  • Your Provider environment becomes extendable - upgrade/extend your CCC (Cloud Control Center) solution to pure cloud
  • Dashboard / portal with array of features at hand for Automation, Self-service & On-demand

Benefits for Partner

  • Connecting the business and technical world into one whole and establishing order
  • Simplified  daily management. Operation changes are done easily without the need to connect to CCC
  • Standardization and acceleration of processes, reduction of errors
  • Automation of workflows and subsequent steps required by daily SAP Cloud management
  • Less need for IT experts
  • Less need for The end result is a simplified Provider offering, simpler processes, better competitiveness, savings of time and moneyIT experts

Benefits for Partners / Customers

  • If Provider were to use only CCC for management, the Partners wouldn't be able to do anything on their own and would be fully dependent on Provider's support for all operation tasks. Thanks to our service and portal features, Partners receive powerful tools that enable them to partially self-service their needs
  • As a result, Partners are satisfied sooner, are happier, have more control and will become less depended on Provider support
  • Provider on the other hand can customize the level of access and abilities for Partners

What experts say about us

Richard Duffy

CEO and Founder at SMB Solutions Cloud Services Pty Ltd

Imagine the SAP Business One Cloud Control Center on steroids (with all the things you wish it could do) and that's what you have with ZAIP.

Moshe Nachman

CEO and Founder at Cumulus-Service GmbH and Director of SAP Implementations and Microsoft Azure Technologies at BitPeople A/S(Denmark)

An amazing tool that takes the B1 experience for partners and customers to a whole new level. That’s a genuine Cloud experience.