SAP Partner

SAP Partner

Are you SAP Business One Partner with limited cloud operation experience and no related infrastructure, but your potential customer is asking about cloud?

Or perhaps you actively promote cloud solutions to your customers because you realize the added value of SaaS? Maybe you want to keep pace with your competition, or better yet - stay ahead of it?

Need a proposal drafted quickly and, if approved, you need a reliable ally who can deploy it smoothly and efficiently deliver?

We have the solution for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a SAP Business One Partner?

We define SAP Business One Partner as company reselling and implementing SAP solutions. Often these firms have a sales lead, where potential new customer inquiries about cloud. Partner is not ready to invest time and resources to buy everything themselves to fulfill customer requirement, so they are looking for the solution opposed to having to deal with cloud on their own. Partner's approach towards cloud can be passive or active. Passive partner only reacts to  inbound customer inquiry and tries to fulfill it. Active partner believes in ''Cloud first'' strategy and actively promotes this option to their customer.

What is the ideal client size for your solution?

We can manage any customer size, ranging from 1-2 seats to 100+ seats. Especially with arrival of SAP HANA, the requirements for hardware are so demanding now that small customers are no longer able to buy nor operate it on their own.  

On the other side, big international companies need to operate with high availability in multiple countries, and cloud is an ideal answer for them.

Our solution comes with great flexibility benefit too: so 5 seats at the start of cooperation can become 15 seats next month, or vice versa.

Can you help us even if our business is highly custom or industry specific?

Yes, we often see this trend that SAP Business One Partners are becoming experts in certain niche - such as Maritime, Manufacturing, Travel or Insurance. In fact, cloud is extremely feasible for such Partners with multiple customers from the same industry, because compared to on-premise business, settings in cloud can easily transferred and copied from one customer to another.

Also, our solutions calculate with Customers needing to use specialized add-ons in SAP, which is usually expected for companies in these specific industries.

Why should we choose ZAIP

We have been pioneering cloud and ''no code'' solutions since its very beginning. is operated by ZUTOM, which is the first certified SAP Business One cloud provider.

Our team knows the specifics of SAP Business One and can provide with the support that you need. Our solutions bring flexibility, fast deployment, less need for IT experts, more self-service for your customers, time-saving through automation and less issues caused by human errors.

What are the main benefits for Partner?

  • Time saving User management thanks to robust automation.
  • Easily update SAP Business One versions for your customers.
  • Extend the size of your business ecosystem.
  • Support is revolutionary simplified. E.g., when new SAP B1 version arrives, it can be deployed at once and for all your customers.
  • No fixed costs - only pay for what you actually use. Simple and straightforward forecasting of future spend.
  • Simplified management of addons & much more.

What are the main Customer benefits?

  • For small customers, it is possible to use preset settings, which means quicker deployment for customer and faster earnings for partner.
  • For large customers, the biggest problem is often support - in our cloud solution however, the emphasis is on self-service. This means the customers don't have to wait and will have more competencies and power at their hands.
  • Low upfront investments - no need to purchase infrastructure by the customer.
  • Full flexibility - cloud allows to scale up and down as needed. Only pay for what you actually use.
  • No need for IT experts - operation tasks and user management is automated and can be done by non-techies.
  • Self-service  - no need to file a ticket and wait for answer. Our dashboard in gives more power to the hands of end user.

What if I have a customer unsuitable for cloud due to a specific Add-on they require?

No problem. Please contact us and we will come up with a custom solution for them.

Who supplies SAP Business One licenses?

The licenses are always supplied by partner, so no need to worry - this remains your business. Alternatively, the customer may already own licenses which they can also bring along and use.

What will the relationship between us look like?

Most importantly, we are here as your partner, not your competitor. You get to keep your business, uninterrupted. Simply let us do what we are experts in so that you & your customers will be able to remain focusing on your/their core business in return.

Is your solution suitable for existing/old SAP customers?

Yes, we can help those who are currently running older SAP versions in on-premise environment. If you are facing current challenges such as migration, cyber security issues, end of lifetime hardware, or consider moving to HANA and need an experienced & trusted partner, please contact us.

Why should SAP Partner offer cloud services to their customers?

Cloud, as well as other services based on SaaS model are seeing a steady increase in popularity. It is because the need for high availability, performance and security parameters are becoming more and more difficult to match in other environments these days.

What are the main advantages of cloud setup?

Current trend shows that customers require expert solutions, without high setup costs and hardware investments that will only cause possible issues and produce hidden fees down the road, leaving customer at mercy of IT experts. Instead, in modern cloud customers enjoy flexibility and only pay for what they need in any given moment.

What does standardized offer mean?

Standardization vastly simplifies the whole implementation process for both Customer and SAP Business One Partner. Our solution comes with automation features and modern Dashboard that allows all involved parties to self-manage some of their needs, leaving everyone satisfied.

What experts say about us

Richard Duffy

CEO and Founder at SMB Solutions Cloud Services Pty Ltd

Imagine the SAP Business One Cloud Control Center on steroids (with all the things you wish it could do) and that's what you have with ZAIP.

Moshe Nachman

CEO and Founder at Cumulus-Service GmbH and Director of SAP Implementations and Microsoft Azure Technologies at BitPeople A/S(Denmark)

An amazing tool that takes the B1 experience for partners and customers to a whole new level. That’s a genuine Cloud experience.