SAP B1 Management

All you need to operate SAP Business One in one place

In the main component of ZAIP platform, SAP Business One administrator will find all the necessary functions for simplified and automated daily operation management, with self-service options for end-users.

SAP Business One Management, redefined

Easily integrate all Your existing SAP Business One environments, whether in the Cloud or On-premise, into one hub for simplified central management, eliminating errors and dependence on IT experts.

Partners in 15+ countries grow their businesses with ZAIP

SAP Business One in Cloud or in On-premise?

No problem! We offer flexible operations options to accommodate your needs, whether it's on-premise, cloud or hybrid deployment.


Oversee your SAP environment, empowering your team with easy-to-use tools for effective user management, tenant creation, and Add-on integration.

Overview of environments

  • View all SAP components with details
  • Services ​
  • Repositories​
  • DB instances​
  • Logical Devices​
  • Hardware Key​
  • List of Operators​

Tenants operations​

  • List of all Tenants ​
  • Import & Export ​
  • Duplicate Tenant​
  • Enable / disable Alert mailer​
  • Activation of Analytics

Add-on Management​

  • Upload new Add-on​
  • Update Add-on ​
  • Assign / un-assign Add-on to Tenant​
  • Scheduling of tasks​

Import SAP licenses​

Import new and/or update existing customer SAP Business One license in a few clicks​.

Restart of SAP services​

  • Service Layer​
  • Job Service / Mailer​
  • License Server​
  • Mobile Service​
  • Web Client​
  • SLD

User management​

What experts say about us

Richard Duffy

CEO and Founder at SMB Solutions Cloud Services Pty Ltd

Imagine the SAP Business One Cloud Control Center on steroids (with all the things you wish it could do) and that's what you have with ZAIP.

Moshe Nachman

CEO and Founder at Cumulus-Service GmbH and Director of SAP Implementations and Microsoft Azure Technologies at BitPeople A/S(Denmark)

An amazing tool that takes the B1 experience for partners and customers to a whole new level. That’s a genuine Cloud experience.

We have experience with providing SAP Business One Cloud since its beginning. Since 2012 we have been repeatedly audited and certified as SAP Certified in Cloud and Infrastructure Operations. We also have certifications ISO 27001:2013 and ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011.

SAP Certified