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How to move On-premise customer to Cloud in minutes

Effectively moving your On-premise customer to Cloud thanks to automation and portal in few simple steps.

Do you have a Customer in On-premise environment that needs to be migrated to Cloud? Thanks to smart automation, things have never been easier.

Our newly improved Import Tenant features lets you handle everything in matter of minutes and without any headache.

Here is your Checklist:

  • Make a simple Export of your Tenant
  • Log in to portal and Create New Customer
  • Add/assign License to your Customer
  • Launch Import Tenant function directly in portal & complete simple 4 step Wizard
  • Drag & drop .Zipped file with Customer's Database & click to finalize the process
  • Create Users directly in portal & they can start working with SAP Business One right away

If you are interested to save time just like many other SAP Business One Partners, simply get in touch and start working with us!