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Upgraded management of Tenants and SAP users

Introducing new information in about Available SAP lincenses & more, for better overview & easier management!

Our UX expert now closely works with Development teams and this cooperation is going well. Explore upgrades & already implemented portal changes that will help Partners better navigate though SAP Business One landscape and fully utilize the potential of

Details regarding available licenses

The interface in for SAP Business One User management has been upgraded to provide SAP Business One Partners with the instant ability to see their SAP license info, including Total amount of already allocated licenses & Total amount of available ones, broken down by license type (ie. Professional, Limited, Indirect, Mobile..)

Better functions around Tenant Management

Under Tenant management, we have also included information about the current Service Unit for each Tenant so you will never have to look for it again. And when you explore the ''Actions'' button, you will see all available features for Tenant management neatly stored in one place.

Fancy any feature that you currently don't see?

Let us know and we might add it for you to our next Development sprint. We listen to our SAP Business One Partners and are obsessed with improving Many useful features have been added thanks to valuable feedback from our Partners!